David Hodges

Huge thanks goes to Billy for this!

Musical Demonstrations Pt1
1. He Is Running
2. Thursday
3. Fly
4. Crowd Of Me

Lost In December
Need Me Now
I'm So Sorry
Fall Into You f/ Amy Lee of Evanescence
He Loved Me To Death
Collector Of Your Tears
Make This Church Your Home

The Summit Church: Summit Worship (2000)
01. Make This Church Your Home (Intro)
02. Everything That Has Breath
05. Ancient Of Days
08. I Exalt Thee / Your Name
09. Better Is One Day
12. Bring Me Back
13. Breathe f/ Amy Lee of Evanescence

The Summit Church: The Genesis Project (2003)
03. You Are The Light
07. Make Us Whole
11. For You Only

The Light soundtrack
01. Intro
02. You Are The Light (identical to Genesis version)
03. World On Fire
04. Lost In December (all new version!!!)
05. Glory To God